News update from Eleanor Tomlinson (2016 finalist)

In my last term in Birmingham I have mainly had choir concerts, and a choir CD recording. I also performed my end of year recital, where I played a Corelli sonata, and two contemporary pieces taken from Birdbook.

Throughout the year, I have formed a duo with another recorder player in my year, and we entered the Corton-Hyde Early Music Competition together, and won! We are really looking forward to booking more concerts together this year. We played a Telemann duet on our 415HZ treble recorders, a Morley canzonet, and a Bicinia by Orlando di Lasso.

Finally, I would like to invite you to a duet concert I am performing in, at St. Peter's Church, Burnley on Saturday 9th September at 11am with Julie Townson. We are going to play a range of recorder music from the medieval period onwards!

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