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2018 saw higher entries again and truly wonderful performances.  With our four finalists on piano, cello, guitar and trumpet we took for granted that they played with impeccable techniques from the great western repertoire: Schubert, Rachmaninoff, Shostakovich, Turnage etc as one would expect But also present was music from the "brass world," an own composition and an own arrangement.

The adjudicator Marilynne Davies announcing the winner George Collins said that the performances that connect from the composer through to the audience are the ones to be truly treasured  and George's great gifts already enable him to achieve this.

But every  finalist at this unique Bursary leaves with support for their immediate future. So the four students have their requested new instruments and equipment, music summer courses in The Dales, the Alps and America and future masterclasses at the discretion of their teachers. Each student's individual stated needs were thoroughly discussed with them, evaluated and then enacted.

The Pendle Young Musician's Bursary wishes them all well as they travel on their musical journeys and as with other former winners we look forward to hearing of their continued progress. 

Our 2018 finalists - GeorgeCollins (Guitar), Ben Finlay (Cello), Ben Jarvis (Trumpet) and Brian Low (Piano)

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