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PYMB finalist, Ross Munro plays with the Manchester Camerata.

On May 26th two charismatic young musicians led the Manchester Camerata in an unusual and thrilling evening at The Colne Muni. Martynas Levickisis a Lithuanian-born virtuoso accordionist who has adapted great masterpieces for his instrument and orchestra always keeps faith with the original score. He serves the music enriching it with personal charm, charisma, energy with his instrument, the orchestra and the audience.He is very confident and very persuasive indeed.

Ross Munro our 2016 finalist therefore had quite something to follow. But the Trawden-born boy now also has an immediate individual presence with long flowing hair, understated charm and obvious talent. His gratitude to The Bursary is touching and like Levickisis his energy and engagement with his own music ,now played with an orchestra ,was very accessible and appealing . We may have seen him en route at the Blues Festival or the Jessica Foxley Stage now here he was given a further opportunity amongst a wider more challenging world. He didn't disappoint.

Lets hope these two innovative musicians will be here again soon.

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